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Women's Great Big Bertha Hybrids

£ 579.00 £ 579.00

Women's Great Big Bertha Hybrids

£ 579.00 £ 579.00
Women's Great Big Bertha Hybrids - Featured

A Material Difference in Performance

Built from driver DNA, creating exceptional ball speed and forgiveness on a wide variety of shots.

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Introducing The Women's Great Big Bertha Hybrids

  • Lightweight Power from a Titanium Face & Body
    Titanium is extremely lightweight, yet it’s also incredibly strong. Our engineers leveraged a titanium face and body, resulting in 100g of discretionary saved weight. The weight is redistributed to enhance ball speed, improve forgiveness, and promote an easy launch.
  • Fast Ball Speed from A.I.-Designed Titanium Face Cup & Jailbreak with Batwing Technology
    The titanium face has been uniquely optimized through A.I. to enhance ball speed and spin consistency, especially on off-center hits. The A.I. designed Jailbreak with Batwing Technology increases stiffness in the perimeter, while allowing the face to flex for high ball speeds across the face.
  • Lightweight Triaxial Carbon Crown and Forged Carbon Sole
    A Triaxial Carbon crown and Forged Carbon sole plate save significant weight vs. traditional steel. The weight savings is then meticulously redistributed to optimize CG and promote high launch with more forgiveness.
  • Speed and Launch from Dual Tungsten Weighting
    With the substantial amount of discretionary weight available from titanium, our engineers redistributed up to 78g of weight between internal tungsten and the sole plate to promote faster ball speeds and a higher launch.
  • Refined Fairway Wood-like Shaping for Enhanced Turf Interaction
    The sole has also been enhanced with more camber to improve turf interaction and versatility from tough lies. It also features an adjustable hosel in all lofts to dial in launch. Great Big Bertha hybrids feature a slightly more compact, fairway wood-like shape.
  • Enhanced Ball Flight Control
    Great Big Bertha Hybrids come with an adjustable hosel to help optimize your loft, trajectory and control for even more versatility.

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