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What is a hybrid golf club?

Different from traditional long irons, hybrid golf clubs are designed to give golfers the accuracy and control of an iron with the power and distance of a fairway wood. Hybrids generally have larger club heads compared to irons, allowing for more forgiveness when striking the ball. In contrast to fairway woods, hybrid golf clubs have shorter shafts and higher loft angles making it easier to get the ball airborne when faced with a challenging lie. Hybrids combine the most prominent characteristics of both long irons and fairway woods, making them extremely versatile clubs that can be used in countless situations on the course.

What are the different types of hybrid golf clubs?

Similar to fairway woods and irons, the different types of hybrid golf clubs are numbered. The numbers, most commonly 3-7, correspond to the different shaft lengths and loft angles of the golf club. It's important to note that although a hybrid may share the same number as another club in your bag, you will likely not hit both the same distance. For example, you may hit a 5 iron 170 yards, a 5 hybrid 190 yards, and a 5 wood 225 yards. Understanding the different lofts of hybrid golf clubs and the distance they offer is key to making an informed decision when adding to your bag.

3 Hybrid

 Loft: 17-20 degrees

Loft Equivalent Clubs: 3 Iron, 5 Wood, Heavenwood 

4 Hybrid

Loft:  21-23 degrees

Loft Equivalent Clubs: 4 Iron, 7 Wood

5 Hybrid

Loft:  24-26 degrees

Loft Equivalent Clubs: 5 Iron, 9 Wood

6 Hybrid

Loft:  27-29 degrees

Loft Equivalent Clubs: 6 Iron, 11 Wood

7 Hybrid

Loft:  30-32 degrees

Loft Equivalent Club: 7 Iron

How to choose the right hybrid golf club for your game

Whether you're teeing off, punching out or laying up out of the rough, hybrids are the club of choice for a number of positions on the golf course. Before picking up a new hybrid you should have a general idea of ​​the distance gaps currently in your bag. You should always consider your skill level, power and accuracy when purchasing a new club. A reputable fitter can also help you choose which loft and shaft flex will best suit your swing speed and playstyle.

Now that you've learned about what goes into buying a hybrid golf club and the decisions that are in play, it's time to pick the one that best fits your needs.

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