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GolfWRX has released their "Best Driver of 2020" profile, based on extensive feedback from 15 of the top club fitters around the country. And our MAVRIK family absolutely dominated in every swing speed and performance category. These elite club fitters work with thousands of golfers, and they agree that there's a MAVRIK for every type of player. Here's a look at some of our favorite highlights and quotes from the results.

MAVRIK Drivers Chart


  • Selected as a "Best Driver" for swing speeds of 95 mph-105 mph
  • "Of all the drivers in 2020, this one has the best potential to create the most ball speed."
  • "Ball speeds are consistent around the face, spin rates are lower compared to others at this speed, and it's very forgiving. What's not to love?"
  • "The ball speed around the face is fantastic, and you can fit almost anybody with this driver."

MAVRIK is our fastest driver led by our A.I Designed Flash Face SS20, and it features our new Cylone shape for reduced drag.

MAVRIK Sub Zero Driver

  • Selected as a "Best Driver" for swing speeds of 106+ mph
  • "I think Callaway once again has the best driver in golf."
  • "Amazing ball speeds especially around the face away from the sweet spot."
  • "Golfers have been loving the new sound and feel of the entire MAVRIK line."

MAVRIK Sub Zero combines our A.I. Designed Flash Face SS20 with an excellent combination of low spin and high MOI.


  • Selected as a "Best Driver" for swing speeds of 94 mph and below
  • "For those mid-range players who need a little help creating a draw flight the Callaway MAVRIK Max is a great head."
  • "For golfers with mid to lower swing speeds that need launch and additional carry, I fit this driver a lot."
  • "If you need more carry this is one of my top drivers."

The MAX is our easiest to hit MAVRIK Driver, with the A.I Designed Flash Face SS20 for fast ball speeds, extremely high MOI, and maximum draw bias.

This is some serious validation from club fitting experts! And to top it off, MAVRIK Sub Zero also took home a big Tour win last week at the Charles Schwab Challenge. MAVRIK is proving itself with golfers and the world's best players, and you can find the right model for you with our interactive selector.


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