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What is a complete set of golf clubs?

Complete golf club sets, also commonly referred to as box sets, are package sets that include the golf clubs, bag, and headcovers.

Box set golf clubs are a great option for golfers as it takes the guesswork out of buying clubs.

There is less mixing and matching, and you can get everything from a driver to a putter all at once. For new players, the complete set is a budget-friendly and feasible solution.

How many clubs are included in a complete set?

The USGA Rules of Golf say that you can’t have more than 14 golf clubs in your bag.

Not all complete sets have 14 clubs. Most complete sets of golf clubs have anywhere from 8 to 12 clubs.

Professionals always play with 14 clubs. However, many amateur players, especially beginners, find that having more clubs does not necessarily mean fewer strokes.

The best complete sets have a mix of hybrids, irons, fairway woods, and wedges. They also include a putter and a driver. Having some variety in the clubs in the bag makes learning and excelling in the game easier. You’ll have a club for every situation on the course.

What clubs are in a complete golf club set?

Complete golf club sets come with a mix of clubs to help golfers from every area of the golf course. Expect a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, a few irons, one or two wedges, and a putter.

complete golf club set

Buying Complete Sets vs Buying Individual Clubs

A complete golf club set offers unique benefits compared to purchasing individual clubs. To decide if complete sets or individual clubs are for you, here are the points to consider.


Complete golf club sets will more often than not cost less when compared to purchasing clubs individually.

Buying new clubs individually is generally more expensive because of the higher quality of materials and construction of the club as well as the ability to make precise adjustments to certain aspects of the club upon purchase such as, loft, lie angle, grip, shaft length, and shaft weight.

Complete golf club sets range in price from around $399 to $1,399 depending on the total number of clubs included.


Complete set golf clubs are not a custom order. If you are a new golfer eager to get out on the course, a box set includes everything you need to start playing.

Skill Level

Complete golf club sets are designed to help the beginner, occasional golfer, or high handicap golfer. As a result, they are forgiving, usually offer some slice correction, and have a high launch.

Complete golf club sets are a great option for junior players. Junior golf club complete sets will typically have fewer clubs and are fit for junior golfers based on player height.

More experienced golfers looking to take their game to the next level may hit a performance ceiling with the technology and specs of box set golf clubs. Because of that, low handicap players might prefer to purchase clubs individually to fine tune their game with specific golf clubs designed to suit their unique needs.

Loft Gapping

When you purchase individual golf clubs, you ensure the set is properly loft-gapped. Every golf club in your bag has a loft and that loft determines how far you can hit your shot.

For instance, you won’t want a 5 wood and a 3 hybrid with the same loft (and same ball flight). In addition, having two wedges with only a degree or two of loft between them is not ideal when it comes to loft-gapping.

Complete golf club sets are perfectly loft-gapped to ensure you have a club for every distance. A box set containing fewer than 14 clubs gives you the option to add clubs with different lofts when you decide it is time to upgrade (ie. lob wedge, 7 wood, 3 hybrid etc.).


The ability to customize a set of golf clubs is where complete sets run into some limitations. You’ll often have the choice between certain shaft materials and flexes when purchasing a complete golf club set. In addition, you may find some sets offered for taller or shorter golfers.

However, that’s the extent of the customization.

When purchasing individual clubs, you can customize every single one. More advanced golfers find that this high-level of customization helps their game.

What to consider when buying a complete set of golf clubs?

Although purchasing a complete golf club set is simpler than buying individual clubs, there are still a few factors to consider depending on the set you are interested in.


It might seem obvious, but if you are new to golf or purchasing a set for a beginner, it is important to choose clubs that match the player’s dominant side.

In most cases, right-handed players will naturally swing from right to left and left-handed players from left to right, so it’s important to choose a set of golf clubs that are designed to appropriately accommodate the direction of your swing.

Club Length

To maintain a proper posture and golf stance, it is important to use golf clubs that are the correct length for your height.

Most golf club sets will include recommendations in the product description to help you determine which length is right for you. The most common sizes for complete golf club sets are short, standard, and long.

The table below shows the general guidelines to help you choose the correct length based on your measurements.

golf club length chart

It’s important to note that women's clubs are traditionally one inch shorter than men's. To determine the correct length for a woman, simply add one inch to the length suggested in the chart. For example, if the chart suggests shortening a man's club by one inch, a woman's club (already one inch shorter) might not need any length adjustment.

Shaft Flex

The shaft flex options for a complete golf club set include stiff, regular, light, and ladies. The shaft you choose should be based on your clubhead speed, typically measured with the driver.

Golfers with faster speeds need a stiffer golf shaft. For most average beginners, a regular flex shaft is a good option. Senior and slow swing speed players often go with the light shaft (senior flex).

The shaft flex you choose is consistent from the driver to the wedges in a complete set.

Swing Speed
Swing Speed
Range (mph)
Shaft Flex
Over 95 mph Stiff Flex
85 - 95 mph Regular Flex
Under 85 mph Light Flex


Club Set Makeup

The clubs included in most complete golf club sets are:

  • Driver
  • Fairway Wood
  • Hybrid
  • Irons
  • Wedge
  • Putter

The individual set makeup varies from one set to another. Some beginner options only have 8 clubs with a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 3 irons, a wedge, and a putter. 

As you move to the more advanced or premium sets, you’ll find that there may be an extra fairway wood, hybrid, or wedge included. 

You know your game and your goals. The more serious you are, and the more time you want to put in, the more clubs you’ll need.

Golf Bag

box set golf bag

You can expect two types of golf bags in a complete golf club set: a cart bag or a stand bag.

The stand bag is best for golfers who walk the course. You can easily carry these lightweight bags and won’t need a golf cart.

Golf cart bags have much more storage, but they are usually heavier. These are great if you like carrying a good amount of gear and plan on riding in a cart while out on the course.

Should You Buy a Complete Set of Golf Clubs?

Complete golf club sets are the perfect option for beginner and occasional golfers looking to get out on the course.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new or pre-owned golf club set, Callaway offers a wide selection of complete sets, guaranteed to fit any play style.

For more help check out our full library of golf club buying guides for expert recommendations to improve your game.