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Get Custom Fit For Ultimate Performance

Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting is one of the most important aspects of improving your game. At our Fitting Locations, a club fitter will work with you to find everything from the right head models, lofts, flex, shafts and weights for you. You'll leave the fitting feeling confident with equipment that's customised to your game.

National Performance Centres

Simply the ultimate Callaway fitting experience for all golfers. Callaway Performance Centres allow you to select from the full range of latest Callaway products with comprehensive fitting options, plus you will be guided through the entire fitting process by our experienced team of Callaway staff professionals.

National Performance Centres

High Performance Partners

A superior Callaway fitting experience through an elite specialist group of Callaway Europe retailers. All Regional Performance Centres specialise in the fitting of Callaway equipment and are highly trained to deliver the very best levels of service both for your enjoyment and ultimate performance.

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Regional Performance Centres

Quick and accurate fitting experience throughout all of Europe using Callaway’s proprietary standard and premium ‘OPTIFIT’ custom fit systems. All registered Callaway Custom Fit Retailers are trained and approved to fit Callaway equipment to ensure all new equipment is best suited to you.

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Our approved retail partners are stocked with the latest Callaway and Odyssey products. You can find your nearest Callaway retailer effortlessly with our locator tool. Simply enter your location and discover your closest stores offering the latest in Callaway technology.

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A visit to the state-of-the-art Callaway National Performance Centre at our European Headquarters in Surrey, UK, is an immersive and transformational club-fitting and equipment analysis experience like no other. It is the ultimate in professional, modern, hi-tech custom-fitting, and it is open to everyone.


Why should I get fitted?

Booked through a Callaway retailer, click here to find the nearest one to you, a session will give you the perfect opportunity to find Callaway clubs to maximise the performance of your game. It is the very same level of service and expert analysis we offer Staff Professionals on Tours around the world, but you don’t need to be swinging it like Callaway Staffer Jon Rahm to visit us. No matter what your level, we will help you take a positive next step with your equipment choices.


How do I book?

Step 1

Find your closest local retailer via Callaway website.

Step 2

Contact your retailer to book your fitting.

Step 3

Receive a confirmation for your appointment.

Step 4

Complete your appointment and receive your Fitting representative feedback.

What can I expect?

You’ll be guided through a detailed fitting process by one of our highly-trained Custom-Fit Specialists, using the very latest TopTracer launch monitor tools and technology. Using OptiFit Technology to interchange heads, change weighting and apply a multitude of shafts options, we’ll measure your launch conditions, ball speeds, launch angles and spin rates. You’ll leave us with an encyclopaedic understanding of the best club-fitting specifications for you, with extra yards and accuracy on every shot too! You are free to take your specifications to your chosen retailer to make an order.

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I would guess that most people will gain between 15-20 yards with a Driver fitting. If you have an ill-fitting Driver that is working completely against you, and you then switch to a Driver that works for you, you’ll see an enormous performance change.

- Steve North

Director of Instruction, St Andrews Links Academy