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What’s The Story On Big Bertha Irons?

They’re our easiest to launch distance irons. Callaway is the #1 Iron in Golf, and Big Bertha has redefined ball speed and performance in the super game-improvement category. It started with Big Bertha Irons in 2014, continued in 2016 with Big Bertha OS, and we’ve done it again with the new Big Bertha Irons, led by our groundbreaking Suspended Energy Core.

Callaway Big Bertha Irons

What Is The Suspended Energy Core?

It’s a unique construction that’s never been achieved before in a golf club, featuring a revolutionary core design that delivers: 1) incredible sound and feel; 2) long, consistent distance; and 3) easy launch.

How Do You Get All Of That In One Iron? 

The Suspended Energy Core suspends our Metal Injection Molded (MIM’D) Tungsten Weighting within our Urethane Microspheres – which create exceptional sound and feel. Suspending the floating weight allows us to position the Center of Gravity deeper using a 3-piece iron construction. And why is this such a breakthrough? Well, now we can create higher launch while allowing a thinner, faster 360 Face Cup to increase ball speed. That combination promotes distance-enhancing launch conditions we’ve never had before in an iron that’s also extremely easy to hit.

It Looks Great. What Should I Know About The Design?

As you can tell, this is a premium design. That unforgettable look starts with the clean Smoked PVD Finish. And it’s available with new Recoil ESX, Recoil ZT9, and KBS Max 90 shafts to go with all that advanced technology.

Now Let’s Talk Hybrids. What’s The Story There? 

Big Bertha is the first hybrid to combine our innovative Jailbreak Technology and adjustability for long distance, fast ball speeds, and easy launch.

Callaway Big Bertha Hybrids

How Do You Get All That Ball Speed? 

Callaway is the #1 Hybrid Brand in large part because of our ball speed technologies. It started with our Hyper Speed Face Cup, and advanced with our Jailbreak Technology, which utilizes two Jailbreak bars to stiffen the body, placing more impact on the face. The synergy of Jailbreak and Hyper Speed Face Cup promotes a level of power never thought possible in a hybrid.

And How Do You Get That Easy Launch? 

We’ve developed an entirely new hosel system that’s shorter and lighter. It allows us to save weight that’s repositioned to optimize the Center of Gravity for easy launch and high, long-carrying flight. A new progressive shape also makes it easy to hit, and the new premium Recoil shafts add to an appealing design that’s worthy of being called Big Bertha.