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David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter

Player Bio

  • Birthday: 6/27/1952
  • Year Turned Pro: 1969
  • Height: 6'3"

Having published six books on golfing and now operating golf academies around the world, David Leadbetter is thought by many to be the world’s greatest golf instructor. Originally from Worthing in Sussex, England, Leadbetter began his pro career on the European and South African Tours. Along the way, he began to take more of an interest in teaching golf techniques than playing the game. In the 15 years that he’s been an instructor, Leadbetter has worked with several No. 1 ranked players. Leadbetter can be found at PGA Tour stops almost as much as the tour players themselves. He’s on-call 24 hours a day to be consulted by his students. Today, David Leadbetter Golf Academies utilize a variety of innovative drills, ranging from high-tech computer programs to old-fashion practice. His golf academies are located across North America, Europe and Asia.

How I came to Callaway Golf:

“in the late 1990s, a close friend of mine, Bruce Parker, was the Head of Sales for Callaway Golf. We inquired if Callaway Golf would be interested in taking a teaching professional on staff because I just thought it was a very progressive company. I think the partnership was cemented when I had the great opportunity to come out to the West Coast and meet Ely Callaway. I got to know him very well. So when he and I hit it off so well, that pretty much cemented the deal.” –David Leadbetter